1974 Nishijin V1 Background


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These backgrounds are based on original pachinko machine artwork and can be used on almost all pachinko machines as a background replacement. These backgrounds are printed on heavy duty vinyl with adhesive backing. This background was based on a 1974 Nishijin pachinko machines artwork. The backgrounds are 17 1/4″ x 22″and are reproduced on3M Graphic Film with v3 Adhesive. This is covered with a3M glossy over laminate that is a2-mil film that can enhance gloss and provide additional ultraviolet and physical protection for selected digitally-imaged graphic constructions.They also come with apressure-sensitiveDura-Larproduct in a 5-mil, medium-weight, clear film with permanent adhesive backingfor extra protection to prevent long term wear.

Due to the cost of printing, backgrounds are not kept in stock. Printing takes about a week to have done.


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