A Sample of Our Work

Quality From Start To Finish

We work hard using the knowledge that we have acquired over the years to do the best work we can on these machines. Considering the age of the machine, we take the utmost  care in servicing your machine. Fabricating replacement parts that are necessary to get the machine operational if the original pachinko parts are not available. The backgrounds are based on original pachinko machine artwork, and are printed on heavy duty vinyl with adhesive backing. We also include a sheet of clear gloss adhesive backing Mylar to cover the background with for extra durability. Here is an example of how we do our work.


Solutions For All Pachinko Machines

Here at Pachinko Restorations, we strive to do our best to restore your machine back to its original condition. We also do custom restorations on the machines. So if you have some artwork you would like to see as a background, in most cases we can have it printed  and install it as the background on the playing field of your machine.  There is no charge to evaluate your machine to determine what is needed for this type of restoration.

If this is something you would be interested in doing to your machine, email a photo (front and back please) and the artwork you are thinking of using, or you can pick from our library of backgrounds. Also let us know if there are any other changes you would like to make to the machine.

Payment is due when the machine is done. Any machine not claimed 30 days after notification of completion and/or estimate will be assessed a $20 storage charge for each month it is unclaimed. Any machine not claimed 60 days after notification of completion and/or estimate will be considered to be abandoned and sold for cost owed on it.

Why Use Pachinko Restorations?

We Offer Different Levels of Restorations

Disassemble mechanism, clean all parts and reassemble mechanism (This fixes most problems with machines)

Hand polish all brass nails on playing field

Replace the playing field background artwork (choice from our background selections)

Refinish wood frame face

Rekey lock (Nishijin N locks only)

Yellowing plastic treatment (Lightens yellowing plastic do to overexposure to sunlight)

Soak all frame steel parts in rust remover and seal with rust preventer

Soak all chrome parts in rust remover and hand polish

Touch up paint and/or foiling on playing field features as needed

Wire lights to work off batteries or a power supply

All restorations come with a copy of the original owner’s manual if available and a DVD showing you how to set up your machine for play, if one is available for your year model machine.

If you have a particular service that you need to be done to your machine please let us know and we will do what we can to help you.

If you like to see what we are working on, check us out on Facebook or see some of our passed work posted on Instagram.

How to ship a pachinko machine

When packing the machine for shipping remove the glass if any (Plexiglass is OK to ship), also remove machine from any cabinet it may be installed in. Down load and fill out the Pachinko Work Sheet form and in-clued with machine. Please make sure the box is sturdy and that there is plenty of cushioning, especially around the plastic tray on the front and the plastic tray on the back. There should be no empty space in your box; otherwise the machine will bounce around inside the box during shipment. Completely fill it with Styrofoam peanuts, wrap with bubble wrap or sturdy packaging paper. If you can’t find one box that is big enough, you can try the following method: open the top of one box. Place the machine standing up in the box diagonally, with the top flaps up. Fill the box with packing material. Take another box and slide it down and over the first box. Tape it all together.


Ship to:

Pachinko Restorations

1140 S 107th E Ave.

Tulsa, OK. 74128 


Email me the tracking number on the shipping date.